Making Fleas Flee

We have noticed that this year has been a bad year for fleas.  Many dogs and cats that have come in scratching and loosing hair, have been discovered to be carrying fleas.  Fleas can be picked up anywhere in the outdoor environment as they are carried by rabbits and other animals.  They can also be shared between pets like dogs mingling at doggy day care, or cats scrapping with their neighbourhood “friends”.  Some individual animals are acutely affected by fleas and scratch to the point of damaging their skin and ending up with sores and infections.  And once fleas get in to your house, they reproduce very quickly and hide in bedding, carpet pile and floor cracks.

The good news is fleas can be treated and prevented very easily.  You can discuss the options with your veterinarian or the staff at the reception desk.  Monthly chewable tablets can be given to dogs that can control fleas, as well as internal parasites and heartworm.  Alternatively there are topical liquids that can be applied to the skin of both dogs and cats to control fleas.  A third option is an injection of Program every 6 months for flea control for cats.  Your veterinarian would be happy to help you decide what would be best for your pet to stay comfortable and flea free.